Top Longest Six in Cricket that were hit out of stadium

 Over recent years, we have seen storming cricket step to the fore with scores of over 300 flattering progressively usually. As a consequence, we have seen a lot of long sixes being hit at the turn of the century.

Shahid Afridi carries the record for the longest six in Cricket persisting as long as 158 meters against South Africa, 3ODI at Johannesburg on March 17, 2013. Let’s have a look at some iconic long sixes that makes cricket lovers crazy over the years. 

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10 Longest Six in Cricket

Albert Trott

At the number one position, we have Albert Trott, which was the Test Cricketer for both England and Australia. Instead of bestowing number one position to the longest six, we planned to go for a six that holds an iconic place in history.

It happened when Albert removed the Lord’s Pavilion. iN 1899, Trott wholly takes away the iconic building. Because many years have passed since it is assuredly astonishing attainment and value of taking the title of best sixer ever.

Shahid Afridi


With a record of most sixes in the jackpot, it is no shock to see Shahid Afridi on this list. In insertion to the fastest ODI century, Shahid Afridi holds the record of longest six with 158 meters titan of a hit. In this innings in South Africa, all Pakistani all-rounders hit one out of the park and in the neighboring golf course. 

Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh was one of the builders beyond India’s conquering T20 and 50 overs World Cup strategy in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Many cricket lovers praise Singh’s style of play and they praised the six he hit on 22 September 2007 during the World Twenty20 against Australia.

The previous India all-rounder had a marvelous game, scoring 70 off 30 more balls. Nevertheless, the climax of his match was doubtlessly the 120 meters six he hit off Brett Lee.

Mark Waugh

Mark Waugh was a retired Australian cricketer, is extensively considered as one of the most gifted bowl masters ever to play the game. He took the cricket lover’s breath away when he dropped a Daniel Vettori remittance in the stands on November 21st, during the second Test match of the New Zealand tour to Australia.

MS Dhoni

In 2009, the Indian captain beat another of his symbolic vast sixes. It was the 3rd ODI of India’s tour to New Zealand that the Indian commander hit the astonishing six. When MS Dhoni hit the ball once he did not look at the ball and it doubtlessly added to the drama and hit the longest six look even more glorious.

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is a Jamaican cricketer who captained the West  Test series from 2007 till 2010. He concisely carries the record for the largest score in World Cup with 215 runs. Chris Gayle hit the largest six in the whole World Twenty20 championship in 2010 at Bridgetown.

Corey Anderson

New Zealand’s all-rounder Corey Anderson is familiar with his longest six. In 2014, during his tour of New Zealand, he hit the ball onto the roof of the McLean Park in Napier. He gives New Zealand 292 runs with four sixes, two of which were out of the ground.

Daniel Christian

Australian all-rounder Daniel Christian plays 19 ODIs and 16 T20s and earns fame for huge, vigorous blows. Christian hits the perfect monster of a six against Brisbane Heat while playing for Hobart Hurricanes. His reaction to his sixer tells us that he’s also surprised by this sixer.

Ijaz Ahmed

Ijaz Ahmed is a retired cricketer who plays as a right-handed batsman. Most people judge him as one of the undervalue cricket cricketers in his not-good performance match.

But, in 1999, Pakistan was playing in India, at that time only two sixes are hit in the whole match, and both of them are hired by Ijaz Ahmed, in addition to the hit 115 meters off the bowling of Virender Sehwag. 

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