Fastest Century in T20 Cricket World

Do you know who scores the Fastest Century in T20 International? Let’s uncover.

As ambitious as it gets, a batsman achieving the highest and fastest century in T20, is one of the most remarkable accomplishments in cricket history.

Regardless, it is a domiciliary T20, prerogative T20, or T20 International cricket, a c ricker that can play out an inning with agony and starvation for a century frequently emerge as a precious stone on the 20-over layout.

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Chris Gayle clenches the record for the fastest century in T20, picking just 30 balls for his century in opposition to Pune in 2013 of the Indian T20 league.

The Universe Boss completed the innings with lightning war 175 off just 66 balls fasten with 17 sixes and 13 fours at a beat rate of 266 overs. Rishabh Pant also lifts the record of the fastest century in T20 cricket.

Starting at Delhi, he took 32 balls to approach his hundred into the Mushtaq Ali match against Himachal Pardesh in 2018. Gautam Gambhir was Rishabh’s opening partner. 

Fastest Century in T20 Cricket World

Ahead of Chris Gayle, preceding Indian Cricketer Yusuf Pathan relish the fastest Centurian in Indian T20 League.

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In 2010, the series against Mumbai in Rajasthan lessened to 37-3 after 7 overs, and 37 ball century from Pathan almost perceives the side run after a target of 213. We enlisted a detailed view regarding the fastest century in T20 cricket below.

Players Opponents Balls Forced Year
Chris Gayle Pune 30 2013
Rishabh Pant Himachal Pardesh 32 2018
Wihan Lubbe Limpopo 33 2018
Andrew Symonds Middlesex 34 2004
Louis van der Westhuizen Kenya 35 2001

Fastest Century in Indian T20 League (IPL)

For now, South Africa’s David Miller carries the record of the fastest century in T20 internationals.

He grabs 35 balls for his hundred against Bangladesh IN 2017. Incidentally, he was let go on zero.

Miller breaks the record of Richard Levin 2017, At starting, he gained the leading light in 45 balls against New Zealand. No, we give you all information regarding the faster century in the T20 international cricket below.

Player Opponents Balls Forced Year
Chris Gayle Pune 30 2013
Yusuf Pathan Mumbai 37 2010
David Miller Bangalore 38 2019
Adam Gilchrist Mumbai 40 2008
AB de Villiers Gujarat 43 2016

Fastest Century in T201 Cricket

Here, we also enlisted the full detail of those players who made more fastest century in the T201 cricket series. These are enlisted below. 

Player Opponents Balls Forced Year
David Miller Bangladesh 35 2017
Rohit Sharma Sir Lanka 35 2017
Sudesh Wockramasekara Turkey 35 2019
Sivakumar Periyalwar Turkey 39 2019
George Munsey Netherlands 41 2009



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